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Investing in Silver

Many investors like to hold Gold as a store of value and to protect against rising inflation. However, it is very rare that investors consider the investment merits of investing in Silver. Today we think there are four distinct reasons to include Silver in a portfolio. They are:

  1. Silver has inflation hedging properties
  2. Silver is a key metal needed for the green revolution occurring today
  3. Like Gold, it can be considered a monetary metal and
  4. It is as inexpensive at it has been in a long time

To help you better understand the importance of Silver in the world today and to understand why we own it in our advanced plan portfolio, we encourage you to watch the video below. This video was produced by Sprott, a leader in the commodity space. Here you can learn about the history of Silver, how it is used in our everyday life, and the important role Silver will have in the future.

At Metas Investments, we manage portfolios to provide our clients with exposure that we believe will do well despite the economic environment ahead. If want to invest in Silver and other great investment ideas, open your account today.

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